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Could this be a way to make a decent income?

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by Robert » 2016-02-07 8:16

Hello. I received an email today about one of my domains because they do not have a website built for it. This guy emailed me to ask if I wanted a website built for the price of such and such etc. This gives me an idea and I think I might look into more.

Basically what he did going around finding a new domain / long without anything built on them. People make everyday domain so there is always a chance of getting a job.

Could this be a way to make a decent income? Finding a new domain etc, email the owner of a web development victims etc.

Perhaps many people are already doing this but I certainly have not heard or thought of it before?
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by Herman » 2016-02-07 22:53

Most people think of email as spam. I received many emails shortly after registering my domain and have you be one of them, native as possible, it will not stand out or draw for me again.

If you want to offer web design services you may be better to focus on joining the freelance sites and found the people there or let them find you.
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by Garry » 2016-02-08 14:43

I would DOMAIN1 second here.

You should never email anyone who has not asked you to send an email.

Contact someone about building a site just because they register a domain is spam. This is no different from the friction email address to send other types offered.

Absolutely, positively NEVER email someone who has not given specific permission to send them emails explicit.
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by Craig » 2016-02-09 1:12

Definitely do not send spam emails like that.
Yes, it is a way to make some extra income, but it is a very high risk.
Also, you have to send a very high volume of emails to get some response.
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by Norman » 2016-02-09 19:32

Personally, I really hate those e-mails. Any person who sent me a link to information to buy things without my permission
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