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What Is Pyramid Linking?

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by Benjamin » 2016-02-15 8:11

I heard from a colleague like there is another type of push link effective linking is called Pyramid Linking. Any one have an idea what exactly does that mean?
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by Dave » 2016-02-15 22:03

Pyramid linking: Let's say you have X number of sites who want to link_backs, so you make Your site a special page called ' links ' it's already populated with keywords/follow links for X number of sites. In return you get X number of sites which are linking back.

But not the sites linking to site B and site B connects to A site there are 3 sites taken into account to link the strategy so that google (and others) consider them one-way links.

Site A > site B
Site B > site C
Site C > site A
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by Berry » 2016-02-16 17:31

Pyramid linking is also calculated link building a policy where we can spin one or two articles in a way that is planned so that we can get a large number of links from only one or two articles. In this way we can avoid duplication of content to some extent.
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by Seth » 2016-02-17 2:51

The pyramid is not connecting when you have many sites and then a link to some site that then link to one site is most important, that one of the sites provide the benefits of SEO site that is lower in the Pyramid? That's how I understand it, let me know if anyone else has a different definition.
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by Orlando » 2016-02-17 20:26

From what I read is about both the quality of the link, and order.

The idea is that you have a large number of low quality links, a small number of medium quality and smaller amounts of a very high quality. There's also a component as described above, except instead of a triangle, you simply point to the site of high quality. So low quality sites link to the media, but the media do not link back to low.
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