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Anyone else had a run-in with Getty Images?

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by Randolph » 2016-01-27 9:23

Got a letter last week from Getty Images claims that my website contain images that are under the protection of their copyright. They demanded cash payment.

It is that image was posted by someone else, on a blog attached to my website, where I post articles for seo.

I explained the situation, and they said basically that it was not a problem. My website, my blog, and I am responsible for what is posted on it. So I think it's not my fault, but apparently it is, at least according to them.
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by Christopher » 2016-01-28 12:31

That's really lame on their part.
Are images on your site has a "getty images" watermark? Because if not, then you can easily against this. How could they prove that they are the original owner of the picture? It seems difficult to do, especially with no watermark ... If they ask a lot of cash, then I'm just going to try and fight it.
Then again, I could be wrong. I will let other members chime in. Good luck!
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by Alexander » 2016-01-29 17:11

Basically Getty Images have spiders that crawl the web looking for images that contain hidden watermark them. Then they go after you.

As the image does not come from your blog but the syndication of others, try just remove the offending post. Then tell them what you have done and why. Hopefully they will not pursue it further.

As with the legal situation, Warriors could not advised for obvious reasons. But this should be a warning that copying the image of the Search Engine results without checking from copyright asked if the problems of this kind.
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by Cameron » 2016-01-30 8:41

I can't find it right now, but is there some kind of law that says an owner of Forum/blog is not responsible for what is posted by its users, if I remember correctly.

I'm not sure what are the limitations but I believe this is true. Of course I am not a lawyer and I'm not sure about this-it just seems like I remember. You may want to look for it or talk to your lawyer about this.
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