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Why my Crak Revenue affiliate account got banned!

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by daisy826 » 2013-07-18 13:16

Dear friends What I want to say is that I have account on Crak Revenue about a year..I started to make money before month ,they sent me first payment before 3 days , $100 ...Today I got the email from them that say "Your account has been temporarily disabled. We had suspicious activity on our offers,Would it be possible for you to provide us with your traffic sources so we can review your current status?"
Did someone had something similar ? Tnx in advance..Btw can you suggest some other network for adult affiliate.
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by spencer » 2013-07-19 16:35

I have same question with you .I have just denied by CR however my websites traffic is real and growing up and I take it easy ...I thought that CR is one of the best but maybe I am wrong
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by tomblack » 2016-01-06 9:59

No worries about it , if you don't have things to hide Send them your analytics or traffic insights or source of traffic.
Once they verify it they'll activate the account.
Crakrevenue do have an Enterprise BHW account so on of them will contact you or you can contact them through there official thread on bhw marketplace and get things done quickly.
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