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A squeeze page or a blog/ website?

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by Andrew » 2016-02-25 15:13

In your own opinion, what is more effective in getting sales?. A squeeze page or blog / website?. And what are the pros and cons of a squeeze page and blog? Thank you!
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by Shawn » 2016-02-26 2:03

I think both can be useful in their own right.
To directly build a bigger list Squeeze Page is probably best.
But for things such as Article Marketing and Syndication I have to go with Optin box on static pages Blog. It seems that the higher traffic converts. More quality traffic imho
There are many people who use a hybrid as well.
I do in some business I have with syndication. I put such a large designated area at the top center of the Blog which has Optin Box and 4 or 5 bulleted sentences with Free Gifts or benefits offered Reports (if they sign up.)
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by Cosmo » 2016-02-26 22:28

You know, a blog needs more maintenance and update, if you do not have a constant source of interesting content a blog can be much more demanding than the use of a landing page.

Search engines often do not like squeeze pages if you're looking to get organic traffic to go to one.
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by Leland » 2016-02-27 12:14

If you start out squeeze pages. spend money on paid traffic and get opt in. then build your list of things to their markets.
Blog / content writing if you have great content to insert and people tend to share.
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by Ruben » 2016-02-27 23:11

Yes, a good squeeze page is good for the conversion list (to get people to join your list). But you need to drive traffic to your squeeze page (perhaps through paid advertising such as Facebook ads or Adwords).

If you use a blog, you can get more search traffic for search engines such as paid content is continuously updating the blog.

Personally, if I `m really interested in ceruk`'ll blog about it, but if not then I rely on paid traffic.
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by Patrick » 2016-02-28 11:21

It depends on what you are selling. If it was something like an ebook of your own, then nothing beats a squeeze page. You have the advantage of being able to advertise to one of the visitors several times. Of course, there is a warning for this, such as being able to get a large percentage of visitors to sign up for the squeeze page, but generally it applies.
Conversely, if you are pitching a lawnmower, then visitors are more likely to retreat from a busy web sites that attempt to seize their details. Try to put yourself in your visitor's shoes and imagine what path is best for sales.
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