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How to increase your Conversion Rate?

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by Craig » 2016-02-01 13:23

Hello all

You know, we've talked a lot about the traffic. But we all know that traffic is non-sense if you can not convert it into sales.

Could you please share some proven ways and techniques for improving your conversion rate?
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by Johnmicheal » 2016-02-02 2:38

Build your product in the traffic around you, not vice versa. People try to build traffic after they have been products or affiliate products / services to drive. Talk about trying to do things the hard way.
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by Carlos » 2016-02-02 21:17

Build a relationship with your customers, get them to trust you, stop seeing them as just numbers on the list that you want to make money from.

Give them great content in front without asking for anything in return (no money, no email sign up)

Some of my best content, the things that are most popular, certainly does not make me money.

But that's OK because it shows I know what I'm talking means people want to hear more from me in turn generate repeat visitors to my site and people to join my list.

There are plenty of other 'tricks' to increase tariffs to register but actually make people believe in you and build a relationship with them is # 1 IME.

Other more conventional ways' to increase conversions:

split test everything (copy, headlines, color, position, words, size, buttons etc.).

Have few opportunities to participate / buy on every page of your site.

Use testimonials from other buyers or successful marketers that people know and trust.

Spend more time focusing on the traffic that actually change and less on things did not produce results.
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by Benson » 2016-02-03 16:25

Ads repetition. Not talking about spam here, but again, official studies tend to show that people need to be exposed to the sales message a few times until they are completely committed to the purchase. You need to build a relationship between your prospects and products. Emphasize the benefits to their lives that the product will provide. And playing with their emotions. Humans are emotional creatures after all, so you need to draw a part of their nature.
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by Edmund » 2016-02-04 17:17

You know, I mainly sell my own products.
With that said, I have a high conversion rate for the lessons I draw, I think because most of them bought after watching a lot of my free drawing lesson on Youtube.
I have a report with them, so to speak. I'm not just strangers who they do not know. They have seen my teaching style, dig, then saw I had several courses of art to sell and choose to buy one.
However, I noticed that if I try to advertise to complete strangers, my conversion rates drop dramatically. So, I think the best marketing first introduce you and what you do it for free before offering anything to sell.
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