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100% Commission?

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by Lewis » 2015-12-26 8:17

I launched my product immediately.
I already know most of the other affiliates in the group Skype me, but I am sure there are some others out there.

I would either give 70% commission, or 100% to the affiliate.

I wonder if 100% really will make a difference in how many sales I got from their affiliates vs. 70%.

Is it worth it to lose a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to give 100% commissions?
At 70%, I realized that I actually will get only 22.1% instead of 30% profit. This is because the cost of JVZoo 5% and 2.9% Paypal fee.
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by Berry » 2015-12-26 23:03

Yes, since the back end sales of your list are far more important than the front-end sales of your product. 100% Commission is more an incentive for affiliates to promote your product.
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by Seth » 2015-12-27 17:34

You never know which one is better until you test both approaches for a statistically significant sample size, its results and analyze what you find.

TryBPO gave him a pair of scenarios, but you must be careful because he's making some assumptions about each case, i.e., the price of your product, the number of sales of each approach and the value of a Subscriber over time of a year ... all that may or may not be the case. If you can connect your own valid data in these approaches-that's good. Otherwise, each of these variables will affect the results of your analysis.

If you do not have a "back-end", then you should buy one or adjust according to your sales funnel.

Test and control only works when you do it right: testing one variable at a time, get a significant sample and understand what you are doing and why.

Have a good luck!
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by Orlando » 2015-12-28 10:15

Absolutely ... If your products are good, then there's a chance many affiliates will promote its products.
And since they're going to be 100% commissions, I know they will do their best.
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by Eliasl » 2015-12-29 4:38

Do you just start your first lauch, if so you will have a problem anyways get top affiliate with no past epc to go and so on, so I would say once you have all the settings but before you go live to start hitting the rooms jv skype, website rooms facebook and etc.
I know if you come to me and asked me to become an affiliate I expect you to put me down for link test 0.1 percent and I'll go through all the channels to see if there are potential earnings there. I'll see you and your page salespage and really examine it.
When you do this and they give advice, do not say I also like it that way. Jump on the advice and get er done. They know what it's talking about why there is a full time income to live on the internet.
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