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Is E-mail list swapping still available?

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by Garry » 2015-12-20 10:11

Talking to a pro trader, he claimed that if he had to start again, tomorrow he would concentrate on list building.

Buy individual advertising to drive traffic to a squeeze page to build a list of email

Start small and constantly changing ads and trade mailing lists with other people in the business to slowly build your list.

This method is still out there? People will still exchange the lists? I only ask because I read about it for years.
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by Craig » 2015-12-20 21:03

Some methods of a revolving door, but will never die ... ... Method of cycle it with Internet users continue to work. New user first logged on to the Internet every day.
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by Norman » 2015-12-21 10:27

Yes, I'm working with someone right now doing this exact thing. He makes a full-time income only in the list of build and sell to those lists. He has done this for a few years yet.
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by Frederick » 2015-12-22 3:18

Actually don't change from lists (IE, I'll give you my list of subscribers if you give me your)-that has to be slightly unethical (and worse).

Although the ad swapping (reciprocal mailings) works very well. Not to over do it though and disconnect its subscribers.

The mailing of swap/occasional ad quality reciprocal relevant is an excellent way to build your list, make fresh subscribers and make new contacts to potential joint venture at the same time.
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by Hector » 2015-12-22 21:33

The only reason I can think why there are people willing to sell / trade their subs are if they are low quality subs / trash and they can not make money from them in other ways so that not they sell it to other marketers who do not know better.
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