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by Anthony » 2015-11-21 16:46

I have been making and selling software in SEO and IM space since 2011 and has done alright for himself but one area that I have never been able to break into is getting some major affiliates to do most of the marketing for me.

For every launch I have had many different promo materials in the form of banners with different layouts, designs and color schemes, each in various sizes. I also have written promo content that can be used in article marketing and / or email blasts.

I have had other things that were created to help promote the product as well.

I have also been in a lot of different networks over the years hoping that it will help to find some good affiliate, in the end I always end up doing the promo itself.

I wonder if anyone has any tips on how to attract affiliates which is good because I am clearly missing something.

Really appreciated!
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by Francis » 2015-11-22 10:14

Friend, I've tried to sign up for some of these types of sites in the past without much luck but will give one a go for the next launch.
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by August » 2015-11-23 11:38

Think about who your target market is exactly. Find out who they are dealing with, now those people in your affiliate marketing program that can help them to generate additional revenue.
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by Cheney » 2015-11-24 10:56

I used Popcash before with some offers and have not received any conversions. I don't know if they sell cheap traffic or what, but there are so many other sites that offer the quality of traffic, so that switching to another source it was no big deal to me.
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by Franklin » 2015-11-25 16:31

Find an affiliate is easy, getting them to run your offer should be easy, getting quality traffic for your product is the most difficult part. The industry is very saturated at this time with the traffic sucks but there are still many great affiliate out there willing to promote a great offer or products provide the creativity and quality of traffic. If you have a great offer trust me, we can trace them!

My suggestion is to not rely solely on promoting the lander to recruit affiliates, go out and do some active recruitment.

Use keywords in the bar LinkedIn search [if you have a LinkedIn Premium you can save search results and receive alerts when new people according to your search criteria], post helpful information on Facebook and Twitter links back to your site, see those friends -personal friend, using a spy, host local events for IM, I mean the list could go on and on to explain how to find a great affiliate. Its human trial and error, most importantly you must be reliable now a days and stick by your words. Just like anything else you have to sift through all types of dirt to find a serious affiliate. To find an affiliate you only need to think as an affiliate, thats currently marketing experience comes into play.

I would also check feedback from the network and the publisher has to offer you. Maybe it was something with the landing or prevent their products from those who want to promote. Just ask a question!

I hope this helps you and if you want more information about finding an affiliate am always happy to help a fellow IM. Its all about evolving, make money and help others to me!
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