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by Horace » 2015-11-17 9:13

I have a simple question, how to do Affiliate Marketing?
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by Travis » 2015-11-17 22:49

To do affiliate marketing you need a product, go to clickbank or commission junction and choose one.

Many people get a blog and review products, post a few articles, doing SEO, generate traffic to their blogs and on their blog, they send leads to their affiliate links.

You can become an affiliate amazon, eBay affiliates, if you do not want to setup a blog you can always do the delivery article or have a fan page on Facebook that I used to do and it worked fine.

There are many ways to go about it, if it really wants to do and then stick to it, consistency is very important.

Good luck,
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by Haribabu » 2015-11-18 11:25

Affiliate marketing comes in many different forms than most people care anymore. There clickbank products, physical products, CPA offers, services, anything can be promoted as an affiliate. As beginners we were taught to do marketing clickbank because people say it is more than likely also tell you to promote their products as well.

For starters they say pick a niche, I say pick the market instead. There is a difference.
find related products or services that will suit your chosen market. Ebooks, physical goods or services.

Find the keywords that users are looking for. Try to find keywords that would signify a person looking to buy what you offer.

Build a site around their authority. Some will tell you it is difficult to get an authority site and rank but I was just as hard at any site as long as you do your research properly you should be fine.

Setup an autoresponder of some kind and offer a newsletter or report related to your market.

Directing such traffic is tomarrow. I know they are not the right step but the basics. It would be wise to learn wordpress, niche research and seo for beginners. Social media is another area that will pay off big.

Most of this info can be found on youtube though
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by Markroberts » 2015-11-19 13:19

Its a technical thing. You need to start from the beginning how to start your blog/site to work on it. So with the approval of google Adsense. Place relevant ads on your site/blog, then the number of hits that you get what you can earn lots of income as per decided.
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by Affiliatehelpr » 2015-11-20 14:57

Affiliate marketing is a huge Arena and as with any new business you should always start with a business plan. The key is to search-you need to find out what is the best way for your success based on facts. You need to get answers in the following areas

1. your niche
2. your target audience
3. how you will reach your audience
4. What is the competition
5. What are your marketing tactics.

After you have a complete understanding and a plan to follow and then it gets much easier.
Educate yourself about your self:

1. types of advertising
2. traffic sources
3. affiliate networks
4. types of landing page optimization
5. types of analyses and reports
6. content calendar

Once your armed with all of this, then you are ready to start your blog and remember content is King. Your best to become an authority in your niche and you will also begin to build a SEO juice.
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