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by Flowers » 2015-11-13 9:15

Hi; Can anyone tell me if there's 20 million traffic related to the niche sports, which would be the best of the affiliate or CPC program for it.
Looking for your views on this
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by Vernon » 2015-11-13 12:18

Yes I know clickbank and other main branches, but the CPC programs for this ... any better by paying one.
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by Toby » 2015-11-14 10:16

Do you mean that 20 million visitors in a month? This is a very large number ....

200 unique visitors in one day can be converted into buyers and make $ 100 per day.

If you can attract 20 million unique visitors in the month, you should be able to make at least $ 1 million a month.

About affiliate programs for sports niche, consider Shareasale or CJ or LinkShare.
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by Klein » 2015-11-14 23:49

Amazon affiliate program would be great for this. You can promote equipment, DVD training, health food and shakes, and you can promote sports apparel. With 20 million comes you can easily make money with this.
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by Carlton » 2015-11-15 14:34


Because you have such a high volume of traffic, the best option would be to think of a more complex monetization strategy. Not only a tactic, but a combination of more.

For example: Use banners to promote CPA offers on the front-end, using the exit pop-ups to achieve the e-mail address and your money through Clickbank products.

Make sure they are all super relevant where people land on your website.

For example, if a visitor lands on a page "NBA balanced outcome" of your website, promote it in the sidebar some Air Jordan basketball shoes on the right (amazon, cj, whatever)

Hope this helps.
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by Jeffery » 2015-11-16 16:43

Niche sport is a broad niche. Try to make money with Amazon affiliates. Personally the Amazon is one of my favorite platforms for Affiliating. There are many different products. If you don't know how to start affiliate marketing I recommend you join the Affiliate Club Amazon. Is this some kind of community that provides step-by-step instructions and all the necessary tools to start building profitable affilaite Amazon stores.
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