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How to create E book?

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by Ferdinand » 2015-08-13 13:13

How to create E book?
I already wrote my eBook 80% completed and actually in a Word Doc]. Now, I have no idea about how to create an eBook. All I know is Adobe Acrobat, liber etc which are premium tools.

But I want to know if I can get any free tools or online services to create my eBook. Please help me.
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by Egbert » 2015-08-14 10:18

I was using a free software product called " cute PDF writer ". You can find it in google, download it directly from their site.

It works as a "printer" on your PC ( think they have mac version too ).
You open your word doc after installing it and go to " print "

There you will see your usual ink printers you have installed,
but now there will be cute PDF printer too.

Click that, then name the new PDF doc. and click "print" ( same as save ).
It will then convert your document into a PDF and save it to the
location you specified. It's not fancy, but will print your document
into a PDF file and the format will be correct. It works good and it's free.

Newer version of MS Word has PDF output under "save as" file type.
But if you have old version or old computer use cute PDF writer.

I hope that helps.

Have a great day toward your online success !

Yours truly,
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by LucyRepresentative » 2015-08-15 16:13

In my experience this function is actually built into MS Word now.

1. At the top left of the screen in Word, just click "File" and "Save As".
2. Change "Save As Type" (it's under File Name) to PDF.

Boom, done.

Hope that helps.
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