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How to To Find Clients by Search Engine

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by Toby » 2015-04-05 13:23

I'm trying to sell a product which is a very specific type of pigment, is called Pearlescent pigments. It is used in various fields, costmetics, plastic, automobile painting, etc ... How do I find clients through search engines, I usually enter "Pearl paint" in google, Is there a better idea, and many sites dun provide email, so difficult to contact with the people who need these pigments.
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by Klein » 2015-04-06 15:32

How to search for companies in the industry that you mentioned?
Example: searching for a cosmetic company and then reviewing what products they sell.
Another possibility is to review your competitors' sites and see if they list their clients.
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by Carlton » 2015-04-07 8:26

I have found that will always find ways to market the best way is by talking to existing customers. Let we said you said you of pigment for match paint body workshop factory color of a car car-how and they in there get they of pigment? if you asked they, let they know you is pigment suppliers, many when they will told you they why they select you of competition opponents, you using you get of knowledge will help you get advantage, dang pitcher wants to switch to new line of pigment of new body store.
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by Jeffery » 2015-04-08 10:49

If you really want to sell your products online then you should have an appropriate site, you list all of the details and prices and promote your site through SEM or SEO get a clue ...
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by Russell » 2015-04-09 13:37

I think you can buy leads from companies who sell your target clients contact. Yellow and white pages can be a good source.
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