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How To Generate My Forum Traffic??

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by Robert » 2016-01-03 9:42

I have worked on and finished my page until recently. I have tried to advertise through Social Media means, Ex. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but I had a little success. I fill my pages with the content because I have the opportunity, but it is that I still have other things that require my time, I could not make the content consistent as I want. I do not know if there are other ways I can divert traffic to my site.

I have put my link in some of the popular YouTube video, but do not want spam to advertise with annoyance. How should I go about my site from my current position. I created it, built a logo, established themselves through social media, and promote my posts / pages at all sites, as well as using craigslist and dropped me in the YouTube video link every now and again. I am confused and would greatly appreciate any help / guidance
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by Herman » 2016-01-03 22:26

Well the problem is that it looks dead.

This forum needs to be seeded with questions to get the conversation going.

In many ways it is similar to a forum promoting promoting other websites.

You can get friends to come to the forum and participate.

I even heard from the owners forum register under different names - then discuss / debate at the forum only to give the illusion that there is an active forum members.
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by Garry » 2016-01-04 8:13

Firstly, you have to generate some Q / A for your forum ... You can hire someone from fiverr to do that ...
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by Craig » 2016-01-04 23:09

Active in the forums every day and provide information relevant to the yarn you start or comment.
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