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How about the data from Alexa ?

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by Hogan » 2015-12-21 10:16

How accurate is the data from Alexa?
I created a spreadsheet of other websites in my niche that I might be able to purchase solo ads from. And I added in data about all these sites from Alexa:

their global rank
their bounce rate
how long people spend on their site
the number other sites linking to them
I thought I could use that data to figure out the best sites to purchase solo ads from - ones with high global ranks. And the more traffic they get (links from other sites) obviously the better. The bounce rate and how long people stay on the site on average is helpful too to see how long they stick around.

But, somebody told me that Alexa isn't accurate. Is that just the global rank that isn't accurate? What about the other data? Is there some other free tool I can use instead that is accurate? (I don't use Chrome, I use Firefox and IE btw) I heard about SEO Quake for Firefox, but it looks like it gets data from Alexa.
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by Matthew » 2015-12-22 9:13

In my opinion alexa data are roughly estimated data and doesn't posses any validity. For accurate data metrics you may try Google Analytics.
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by Orville » 2015-12-25 10:18

Ok, I checked my websites' data (Google Analytics) against that of Alexa and it's not even remotely correct. However, I expect it to be more reliable for large sites because they will then have collected enough data from their Alexa toolbar.
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