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by Dave » 2015-10-20 9:03

Hello all members
It is necessary to open the thread to remove my vision about article marketing
Here I read many teachers on article marketing and success stories like this "I made $ 350 through ezine, articlebase etc."
My main idea is that submitting articles about a specific niche in the box EZA and the author go to web pages (landing pages, email campaigns blah blah)
but I met an in-depth article marketer and ask "how to promote clickbank via EZA"
answered "it doesn't work for me, and I think it will not work for You, too.
It's not "article marketing" at all. It's "article marketing directory". It's nonsense. "
I'm very confuse whats going on, please help me.
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by Lewis » 2015-10-21 0:43

Article marketing has changed greatly in recent years. Use the search function here and you'll find hundreds of posts about article marketing.

Probably won't work as you suggest in your post, but, as part of its global strategy of traffic could, if the articles are good, providing some traffic to your site
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by Seth » 2015-10-21 18:36

EzineArticles, articlebase etc. cannot help you directly to promote ClickBank products. Once upon a time the ezinearticles was a great platform to do it, but not anymore.

These article sites nowadays are used to add backlinks to pages of Preselling where from sellers redirection page visitors to the sales page of the product or service.

So I don't think you should go for the old school method to publish articles directly promote ClickBank products. Many other techniques of killers and strategies are there, choose one and start shoting.
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by Orlando » 2015-10-22 17:13

Article marketing has changed greatly over the years by those who don't know what the hell they are doing.

Fixed it for you.

The fact is, "article marketing" is a very powerful marketing model, and the concept has been used for centuries to generate leads and sales. Article from the newspaper and other print media outlets, online content is the ultimate drive traffic generation and marketing tool, bar none. But stringing and spun words together doesn't make an article and cram them into a directory article marketing does.

What I suggest is to get back to the basics of article writing is real, real people, and submit it for publication. And learn how to market, such as using a system of channels that appeal to process the traffic generated from your article. Model "article marketing" is not just about writing the article, but include the marketing practices that are active.
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by Arturo » 2015-10-23 10:49

I don't like article marketing. With all the time and effort, pumping out those Youtube videos will definitely be a better thing.
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