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4 Steps to help you choose the right niche for affiliate pro

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by Leland » 2015-11-27 12:14

1. Make a list of your own product or at least, the use of
I could almost see that you are wondering what this is. Let's see. Open your browser, Google for "affiliate program". See what I mean? You can not really decide what products to promote and sell. Now, if you have the "own / used" list, you can at least have an idea of ??some of the products you can speak from real experience.
And it's much better than just randomly browsing and choosing a product that has never been heard of. You can go ahead and make some product categories. I am sure I do not need to talk about the quality of the product (you only buy the best quality, or at least the best value for money, right?).

2. Select "Expert category" you
From the "own / used" list, what do you really love? Or that you master best? What makes you an expert? I bet that you have some excellent products that you use every day, or purchased and used with pleasure. Not much, just a few. It will shrink your list a bit, so do not cut everything else, just make the "Expert category"

3. Look for an affiliate program for products in your list
Now that you have your own / use a list of products and "Expert category", you can begin to find out whether they are sold through the Affiliate. Chances are that many of the products will be made, while others had to go to the recycle bin for later.
Once you find an affiliate program for the product, look for the conditions they offer: commissions, the date of payment, the conditions for joining and problems. Take the products in the "malicious programs", you now have your own / use product / no evil and Experts / category not evil.

4. Affiliation competition, demand and conversion rate
We have several filters that we can better apply:
? affiliation competition (just Google to see how many other affiliates promoting products that are selected, and how good they are)
? request (a search is done, the public interest in it)
? conversion rate (which will be based on some assumptions about how many of the visitors will actually purchase something)
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by Ruben » 2015-11-28 17:24

Do not believe any fly by MLM companies, simply check their domain registration date and Alexa rank and choose a company that has been in business for at least 5 years. Fuck the rest.
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by Patrick » 2015-11-29 17:34

I think it is simple for me.

1. find networks with offers in the Im niche in.
2. choose the networks that pay decent fast times. (none of these bullshit net60 or net30) I usually Seek Weekly at least.
3. test my campaigns in each network.

You will find that the same offers converts differently in multiple networks, primarily because many of these networks have built in rates of exfoliation and landers differ for the same products or services.

Whatever the nets converts best for me and pay me out faster are what I'm going to stay with this campaign.

Now, if you are looking for a network before you have any idea what kind of campaign you want to run, I would choose based on history and times of payment. You can use to review the networks.
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