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You can find your only road no matter what the misery happen

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by JudeSeoer » 2014-04-28 10:13

You can find your only road no matter what the misery happen
It is always pleasure to make a post on this forum, as it gives me an opportunity to interact and know the views of many of you who have already mastered the art of motivating self. All of us must be well aware of the fact that the worst part of being an Internet marketer is definitely, sitting front of the computer or Laptop at your home and work for countless hours even if tides aren't in your favor. At these times, generally there is hardly anyone who can help us out. Though there are platforms like Warriors Forum, where we can get some suggestions but it is ultimately how we deal with the situation and what is our frame of mind which determines our future.

We all feel low at one point or the other, there's no hidden fact in this. Some of us feel low because of family problems while others have sleepless nights due to financial problems. However, as a chess player myself, after years of practice I have realized that there is no problem in this world, which can't be solved. Believe me, if you are struck in some problem, it can be any damn problem, you would get out of it because there's has to be a solution. That's the Law says. All you need to have is " Hope". You need to have faith in almighty that justice is always done, sometimes early, sometimes late but it's done. Hope is free, no damn person can take it away from you. Have it in abundance always because it is the hope, which led our ancestors to strive hard for our freedom. It is this hope, man reached to moon and it is this hope we live on Earth. Hope is everything my friends. Whenever you are low, just say yourself, "I am certain to come out of the situation". Always say to yourself "No matter what, I am destined to carve out a way to get rid of this problem". Hope is the driving factor in our life. Never let it go away from you.
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by Littleroman » 2014-04-29 10:30

good thoughts thank you very much
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