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by Carlos » 2012-12-25 13:36

Is there anyone who used a new social media website called Pinterest? I found it is specially consists of photos to tag, pin & like. Heard it can give more traffic than combined Google+, Facebook & Twitter, is that real? Thank your for advice.
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by Charles » 2012-12-26 10:26

I have been using Pinterest myself for a long time. Now I'm working on great infographics now to share and see the outcome, because bloggers and web marketers seem to be greatly overwhelmed by its new community.
You know, users report huge traffic growth, so I try myself.
What let me worry is the quality to match. You should really be a designer or hire a designer to submit good content to it.
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by Edmund » 2012-12-27 12:39

I've been thinking the same thing. I always wanted to know how to make a written company attract visual, so I would like to satire / funny pictures and blog posts theme. For highlighted reference, think of those embedded subtitles, "let us eat Grandma" photos. One of these will be accompanied by about punctuation blog. Then I'll just feet image.
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by Francis » 2012-12-28 15:49

Hey, guys.
I found Pinterest a week ago, now i am a fan of it. There are so many things to discover for this new social netwokring site. I love to connect with you through Pinterest and you can also follow me on that.
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by Herman » 2012-12-29 13:39

I heard that people think this is the only female-oriented. I disagree, every social media that rank high with high amounts of traffic, can not benefit just one campaign.
E: reply D
This is surprising to me too, in accordance with Articles I have read on Pinterest it says 90% of the visitors are women.
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