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Can I Make Money from Search Engine?

Other Engines forum discussing any other search engine not listed above, including Asian and European search engines. Alternative engines include, Alibaba, Kosmix, Jadoo, and more.

by tomblack » 2013-04-21 10:18

I'm very interesting to make a search engine like google, but for local in my country.. and how it's make lot of money? because i think the server with big space, electricity, high speed internet all of those is also expensive
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by Fernando » 2013-04-25 19:03

I think that it is a significant question. But it is not impossible. Revenue can be generated through advertising, affiliate and much more.
I'm excited by your idea. Keep updated :)
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by SeanKidman » 2013-04-26 9:13

many people have created good search just as below
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