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The Way to Prevent Flagged Spam by Google

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by Gabriel » 2014-01-16 16:30

The articles below is how to prevent flagged spam by seo experts.
Google's algorithm is an amazing thing but the idea that you are here trying to trick a machine exclusively is untrue. There is a huge human workforce out there as well.

You can either play a numbers game and try to get sites to slip through the cracks and avoid human computer screens, or you can make sure your money making sites slip by google AND human eyes. Here are some questions you need to ask your self.

1. Is the page designed for users? Is there a human element to the page? Good grammar, easy on the eyes, etc? Or is it flashing click me banners everywhere?

2. Does your page contain content that can be viewed as original content that would be helpful to a person, or is it clearly copied and spun content with terrible grammar on some old domain?
(Google's algorithm isn't set up to catch copied content well because of song lyrics, poems, quotes, books etc...but the human workforce is and it's a dice game if you land on their computers or slip through the cracks)

3. If you removed everything that made you money on the website, would there be anything left that would still be helpful?

4. Did you copy content directly from a well known source like Wikipedia? Some use directory pathways that are easy to recognize and a lot of the section headings and formats are well known and easily recognized.
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