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by Sam » 2014-01-03 13:18

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I always cringe a little when I hear newbies just looking for the "best" link building strats. Yeah some stick out from the rest. It's been my experience that 50 highly relevant, high PR links can weigh in heavier than 2,000 shitty blog spams and profile submits with empty "about me"s. Some of those 50 high PR links might have to be found and created by hand, but they're worth it. So ******* worth it.

It's better to start with a basic understanding of what link factors play into generating ranking value, and then experiment with software based on what you know Google likes and hates.

Positive Factors:
- High Page Rank on URL & domain
- Domain authority (if the domain in a "trusted" neighborhood of sites)
- Diversification (i.e. link type and varying link IP addresses)
- Root domain link (i.e. homepage links)
- Content relevance of linking page
- Diversification of anchor text (especially after the new Penguin update, it's important to include "", "Website", "Click Here", "Link", "Here", "Visit", etc for a more natural anchor text profile)
- Page contains other outbound links with exact match anchor text

Negative Factors:
- High Outbound Link (OBL) count from linking page (this dilutes the passing PR and value)
- Bad neighborhood e.g. porn/pharma/blackhat related sources
- Link has a PR of 0 (debatable if this is actually a negative factor or not)
- Building and indexing too many links at one time (always try to drip feed links at a continual pace)

I've never had any trouble with a site being deindexed. Every new algorithm update ranks my sites higher. I think it's because

1. I understand the difference between a shitty link and a good one and
2. I space shitty links away from my money. Layering (or pyramid strategies) are huge. Use a high value social property like Squidoo or Wetpaint or Weebly as a safety buffer from your money sites. Always. If the shitty links have any value to pass, they'll filter through your buffer property to your main site anyway. If they're the worst ******* links in the world and Google decides that anything that has to do with them should burn in a fiery hell one day, you're still safe, and no harms been done.

Ok with all that out of the way, here's the magic for newer sites. Follow closely, and maybe some of the other members can chime in with other things they do too. This is just the skeleton campaign I use that I know works...

- Create 3+ account sets, with 3+ social networks to your money site. These are your main
- Do 1 web 2.0 profile submit directly to your main site
- Rest of web 2.0, forum profiles, and others point to your first set of social nets
- Submit all rss links so far with all account sets
- Done. (the rest of senukex stuff like article sites and social bookmarks has low success rates and arent worth your time)

Social Hub Builder:
Create all accounts available. Not all turn into links but the ones that do are decent high PR profile links.

RankLeap and Rank Builder NEO
Do one submission to main money site. Create a couple more accounts and shoot these links as a second layer under your social nets.

Sick Submitter
There's some HUGE packet collections floating around here. Get them. Holy ****balls, please get them. If Google wants link diversity, these packets are your golden ticket. Lots of packets show PR, so I normally only shoot anything PR2+ to my main money site. The rest go to Social nets.

Wiki Articles
Using Sick Submitter or one of the other wiki submitters, make yourself a LONG high spun article and shoot these out with one link going to your main money site (remember to spin anchor), and have another link with exact match anchor text going out to a high authority site like a Wikipedia article about your keyword/topic.

Shoot some more layer 2 links at these

Find huge AA lists and spam the shit out of your layer links. This works. I've had some Squidoos and Weeblys rank frontpage for my main keywords. Just don't hit your main money site with Scrapebox AA lists unless you've filtered out your own and know what you're doing. You can afford to loose a Squidoo or two. You can't afford to loose your money site.

Now sign up for basic and grab all the live links from everything you've done. Paste them into Linklicious and drip feed them 40 a day if it's a newer domain. You can turn this up a little each month until you're doing 150 links a day after a year or so. Just as long as you don't have huge spikes of 500-1000 shitty blog spam links, I think it's fine to play with this. Me, I'm pretty conservative and only drip less ~100 a day on sites for clients.

Keep in mind some sites have a higher tolerance to changes in link velocity. I have a PR 5 site ranking frontpage for keywords like "jewelry online" and "cheap jewelry" that have too much in the bank with Google for 250-500 links a day to mean jack shit. For newer domains, you want to start out slow and steady though.

Hope all that's been helpful
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