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What should I do to save my site?

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by Doyle » 2016-02-22 11:15

One of my new websites fell into google sandbox several days, I stopped link building job, what could I do to save my site of the sandbox? Thanks for you suggestion.
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by Travis » 2016-02-22 22:20

You can only wait for it.
Register the domain for a longer period - I have read that it can help; to use the best practices that Google recommended especially with linking.
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by Haribabu » 2016-02-23 8:45

If you have a new website, hoping that your website will be listed within 6-8 months in Google. Adding content to your website, get good incoming links and make sure that your web pages are optimized for Google.

As soon as you have a domain name, create a temporary page and link from another website to make Google aware of your website. 6-8 month delay seem to start with the first contact Google with your website. The sooner Google knows about your website, the sooner
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by Andrew » 2016-02-24 2:52

Perhaps increase your link building process and submit your website to different bookmarking sites.
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by Shawn » 2016-02-24 19:31

Just Wait - sorry.

Adding new pages and unique content will help. But the dial to the link for now.

Also - sign up for a Google account and submitting a sitemap webmaster fresh regularly.
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