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Whether Site Age Is Important Or Not?

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by Eliasl » 2016-02-16 11:28

How does google determine the age of the site or can we register our sites age in google?
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by Arturo » 2016-02-16 22:09

The age of the website is very important for SEO. The older the site the more valuable it becomes. Google knows the age of your website from the date they were first indexed. The automatic and not to be delivered anywhere.
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by Terry » 2016-02-17 12:19

Yes age is important although not so important in my opinion as it was a few years ago.

Age is much more important now for web sites that are linking back to you. The older this website linking back to you better. The link will have more trust (assuming that the website does not damage their reputation.)

Google will measure your website age since they first explored it and find the content. So, this is not always the same date as the sites listed. If a site is listed and only parked cars, then it's very likely that Google did not find the web site for years. It will not find the website until someone either submitted through their new site submission form or unless someone linked to it from some other place that is being indexed.
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by Boyd » 2016-02-18 0:32

Yes sometimes are very important if you have a site of 2 years and do not have good PR and it means the site sends in this type of site a good backlink is actually worth less.
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by Flowers » 2016-02-19 13:21

That is the whole reason for the sandbox. That person will only be black Hat hacker sites to the top, and when they get caught will turn around and do it again. The sandbox is constantly happening often. Because you will be taking the penalty for starting up google see what your site is really about.
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