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by BlackhatAdam » 2015-01-16 10:30

Dear guys I have something to inquire.
I have a job listing website where i post job vacancies for companies and individual, recently i decided to upgrade the website to make it look more professional. I installed wp job manager plugin which create another page where my posted jobs are displaying ( ) but before i do post them as normal wordpress blog post ( ). I have been using the plugin for a while but i notice most of my traffic and organic ranking comes from the old wordpress job post. I was wondering if i have to build more links to the page to enable the new job post rank? but i thought the link juice from my main domain should be able to cover that page..What can i do to improve this page?
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by AlieeBlack » 2016-01-17 16:18

Okay, I'd just redirect the old job posts to one of the current posts, or the jobs front. It's going to look unprofessional if your ranking articles are something that's not even available any more.

Unfortunately for you the old job postings have to be taken down eventually. That makes it more tough to rank a site. I'd concentrate on jobs page or front page for this reason. Neither currently has any text on them.

BTW, the site is unbearably slow for me. The ads also do not look too good, and occasionally even break the layout.
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