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Why Backlinks can not be indexed by google?

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by Tony1986 » 2015-10-18 13:16

Thank you guys in advance
I've a website (1 year) & has built around 50 backlinks (most of them are dofollows) but to my surprise when I checked my site using SEOQuake none of my backlinks are indexed by google whereas I've used ping service, rss feed, sitemap.

What should I do so that my backlinks are indexed by google?
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by Oliver » 2015-10-19 10:16

You don't have to be so fast ,slow down

Check the Google Cache (text version) of the followed backlink pages. Do you see your backlinks?
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by Addison » 2015-10-20 13:30

It is maybe the question If they are not indexed by Google, then they are not worth having. Move on.
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