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by Jesse001 » 2015-11-03 16:16

Hello guys :D :D ;)
It's no secret that getting our trusty old profile links indexed is turning into a bit of a mission -- and I think it's about time we changed our approach. I've personally gone through my profile links that won't index, and simply added more content and actually participated where the link is. For example, forums...

Simply making a few posts (especially on high authority pages, like stickys in main forums) will create a followed link back to your profile. Once the posts you make get indexed your profile will also get followed, and if there is a bit of information on there (apart from just your spammy link), it should get indexed.

I realize this is the slow way, but I think as we move forward we need to be upgrading our skills -- that means making your web 2.0s and profile links a lot better. Think about it... every time these kinds of techniques get popular, Google brings the hammer down.
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by tomblack » 2015-11-04 13:30

Simple ways to do just post your profile backlinks to Google Plus and

It will get indexed in a few days.
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by Fernando » 2015-11-05 16:13

It is no doubt that social signals are imoortant but the number qnd quality of backlinks will help your website rank better. Social signals is more to complete your SEO strategy.
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