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Soul Soup share , life is nothing but a joke

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by Oliver » 2015-08-11 16:18

Read the article , it can make you see your heart.
Seriously, if you really sit down and think about all of the b.s. you've dealt with in your life and some of the ridiculously random events that have occurred in your life, you will see that life is extremely hilarious.

Why is it that someone can try extremely hard to achieve something and end up a big failure?

Why is it that some people accidentally stumble across success?

Why do the people we love hurt us?

Why are some strangers more willing to help us achieve our goals than our own family and friends?

Why does it rain when we want the sun to shine?

Why does bad things happen to good people and vice-versa?

Do you know what the funny part is?

Nobody knows the answer to any of those questions.

You might have an opinion-based answer, but nobody has factual proof as to why the world is the way it is.

Everyone has a different perspective on life, a different religion, a different education, background, etc....

Therefore, we all have a choice to decide how we perceive life, and how we want to live through it.

Here is my recommendation:

When things don't go your way just laugh.

Why cry and pout about something that you have no control over?

Focus on the things you have control of, and just accept the things you can't control.

Accept the possibility of failure, and laugh when it happens.

Accept the possibility of embarrassment, and just laugh it off.

Accept the possibility of criticism, and just laugh it off.

Accept the possibility of dying, and laugh it off .

If you don't start looking at life as a big joke, you will be miserable and bitter, and you will stay in your comfort zone your whole life.

Stop holding on to pride and just let go and be like a little child.

Be humble and accept your flaws.

And laugh, because life is just one big joke.

Maybe The Joker (from the batman series) is not as insane as you think.
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by Alex » 2015-08-12 9:13

wow, thanks...
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by Vernon » 2015-08-15 8:53

Really nice article! You just inspired me, thank you!
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