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What are the Core competencies of Google?

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by Randall » 2016-02-25 10:14

I am really confused, why Google is so rich? It has search engine industry, it has ceilphone industry, it even has YouTube, but what are the Core competencies of Google?
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by Matt » 2016-02-25 22:08

While Google has many different products. Its main product is the search and Adwords. Adwords is what produces almost all of their income.
In order to carry out a large-scale search engine they had to crawl billions of web pages. store and index their pages, and can take them in response to questions. It takes tens of thousands of PCs specifically built to perform these tasks.
Ranking algorithms - part of the process of indexing web pages using a matrix of links where each url gets PageRank - a value that indicates how important this page, based on how many other quality sites link to it. Hundreds of other factors are also included, and the results only considered from the set of pages that contain the words in the search query (sometimes also abbreviations, homonyms and spelling differences).
Adwords is somewhat similar, but instead of web pages, the document is a small ad made by the company. Companies bid for placement instead of ranking algorithms, but they only show up in search results along with relevance.
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by Julio » 2016-02-26 16:16

As per the image below , the core competencies of Google are :
1.Ranking Algorithm
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