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To be effective on SEO just organize your computer

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by Egbert » 2015-09-23 16:30

Good article share
If you are Internet Marketing, there can be a lot of valuable information that you, might read and would like to go back to later.

A great example is here.

As I marketed I would get bundles of notes from articles, videos, blogs, etc on how to better improve myself. I still have these notes till this day.

I've created folders to where I can easily access these notes is I ever need to give advice, or just refresh my memory on the advice that has helped me develop income over the past few years online.

I've also been able to organize over 3000 leads in Windows Contacts as well as just saved emails only that I harvested using a very powerful lead extracting software.

All in all, what I'm trying to say, is that information is valuable, but just like anything else, it can get cluttered. This is why I highly recommend staying organized, and know where your documents are. Know where your information is, and study up on as time goes by. So not only are you organizing your computer, you are also organizing your mind.
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by Hogan » 2015-09-25 10:41

Really smart and informative guide… I love how these are all tips that anyone can take action on.

Normally SEO advice is meaningless to the masses because people think “oh I don’t have 10,000 twitter followers to get my infographic viral” but these tips pretty much anyone can put into action.

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by Matthew » 2015-09-26 14:56

I think this is your best post ever! Gonna be coming back and going through each tip one by one!

I really liked what you said. Am going to implement this immediately and record the results. In fact, I’m sure this post will spark an arms race for anyone that’s read it so I’m going to get onto that right away!

Anyway, thanks man for all these insights. I’ve been scratching my head recently trying to think of white hat ways I can defeat the black hatters in my new niche and this has given me so many ideas!
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