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by Randolph » 2015-08-11 11:17

The year of mobile marketing has come and it is predicted by many SEO and marketing professionals. These people also predicted that development in the coming years efforts will be more focused on the creation and utilization of mobile applications.

SEO people react to increased use of smart mobile phones and consumption of video on mobile phones. According to several studies, the increase in mobile web traffic has increased dramatically over the years and therefore the number of web pages viewed on mobile phones has also increased.

There the number of mobile users and mobile traffic to have continued growth also due to the recent launch of the iPhone and also the continued growth of the Android operating system. Mobile users however want mobile websites to be more compatible with the gadgets they have because the Web sites that are beautiful and attractive in workstations may not have the same result on mobile gadgets.
.Flash and Java script are not those desired in a mobile gadget. Mobile sites should recognize this and for their mobile marketing to succeed, they have to adapt to this situation.
.Fancy graphics should be avoided in the mobile Web sites. Information are also required by mobile users and not graphics.
.Google base strategies are graphic and desired ad does not Flash. AdWords and other Google strategies are perfect for mobile marketing.
.Basic HTML is a good alternative to Flash and Java. Mobile websites should recognize that and the effort will be ideal for mobile marketing.
The use of the strategy of mobile marketing that focus on search engine marketing is important as mobile traffic grows. This is because mobile users are confined not only to what they normally do, but they do a search while on the go, in their offices, or any simply strolling in malls.

Mobile Web sites may need to be optimized for mobile search marketing to provide the specific information needed. Following the basic principles of SEO for mobile search marketing, a site can be easily found by mobile users and marketing can also determine which mobile web pages are most viewed.

Mobile marketing, commercialization of the search search keywords for Google SEO efforts can now see what keywords are usually found through mobile search. This is important because the ideals of keyword in traditional search marketing may not be this ideal in mobile marketing.

The Android mobiles use Google apps as part of their operating system and not as an add-on, and it is perfect for mobile users. It also means that as the Android operating system grows more users will automatically Google for their mobile search and therefore also means that the Google search market will also increase.
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by Christopher » 2015-08-12 3:51

So you should have dedicated the page for mobile phones that optimized for this
Detect the mobiles and redirect to the page.
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by Alexander » 2015-08-12 20:56

Before their summer intensive on Mobile Marketing strategies, NYU School of Continuing and professional studies has developed an app to teach prospective students - or any person having an interest - on mobile marketing. The application has several lessons, all accessible via mobile. The class is auto guided mobile learners can determine their own pace.
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by Cameron » 2015-08-13 16:34

Android apps are used like crazy. Because of its immediate access, merchants can use this to directly to engage or Transact with customers. More direct than PCs or laptops.
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