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by Ruben » 2015-06-12 10:15

I want to learn SEO. pls give me some tips.
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by Patrick » 2015-06-12 22:48

You can get some SEO tutorial from youtube and study.
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by Gilbert » 2015-06-13 6:15

Where to learn SEO better than Google?
Check out the Guide of Google search engine optimization. Contains very interesting points and is beautifully presented with the Google bot.
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by Randy » 2015-06-13 22:24

SEO is a broad field. It should be taught in a systematic and planned manner. It also requires a lot of patience. You should first go to the Google search engine optimization Starter Guide. SEOMOZ reference guide. After that SEO video tutorials on Youtube to see.
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by Warren » 2015-06-14 9:37

You can find many tutorials or the Guide on the net to learn SEO. And you can also learn many things from the forums.
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by Marco » 2015-06-15 15:34

Go through the Google webmaster quality guidelines and optimization tips to start with a basic understanding of search engine optimization and follow official google webmaster and blog search to find the latest happenings with the search and google webmaster tools.

And the other way is to follow trusted, well-known third party seo blog and a forum like this to keep up to date with seo process, tricks, tips, etc.
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