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by Terry » 2015-05-09 13:15

I never spent much time with the article. I sometimes write one related to my business and to my blog posts as well as some other sites like HubPages. I never paid anyone to write the article, with my business is a business that is quite technical im not sure how I would go about finding someone to write quality articles accurately.

The strategy behind the article was to obtain quality information relevant to your business out on the WWW so that people will find when performing a variety of Google search, right?

I use press releases and they hit and miss really. I have had more success with such news article recently we only had a trucking company that is large enough to apply our program to green their fleets. I whipped up a small article and firing it to a group of newspaper editors in the country. Getting editor email address took an hour but it was so successful in fact many think it is newsworthy and published articles and we saw a lot of interest generated from it.

I would like to take advantage of whatever resources I could to develop my business, article submissions and input on how I can go about it or how I should be very helpful
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by Boyd » 2015-05-10 10:49

When you write articles and submit them, make sure you only in the top-level website. Many of these sites have you must adhere to strict standards when the article is published. You may write and write, and you can't see any post, but don't give up. The standard top-level website here the reason is very simple, they drive traffic and better links. Remember when you are using SEO and your Web site, nothing comes easy, no work for your website may not be worth it in the long term.
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by Flowers » 2015-05-11 14:43

I only write one article and it was accepted by It did get me back links and traffic slightly. I want to write more but I used the time I am writing to create content for my website. I try to adhere to the 80/20 rule when it comes to writing articles. Which should be 4 pages to the web site for one article. I just need to work out.
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by Vernon » 2015-05-12 11:12

I can relate to your business in the technical field because I have a site that is intended for a very specific segment of financial planning in which few people know much about it. As a result, I've been writing all the articles to blogs related to the business itself. For the other sites I own I have a writer who researches and writes articles for me.

Here's what I do that might help you.


1. For example, I have made a video of many articles. I have put this on YouTube and delivered them through TubeMogul with good success.
2. I have also made a video for a video podcast site, which get traffic alone.
3. You can read the article into the mic and making podcasts. Put it on iTunes.
4. You can create PowerPoint presentations from your article. Installation at sites that serve PPT.
5. You can do the same by changing your article into a .pdf file and put it on the website devoted to .pdfs.

So, although time-consuming to write articles on topics that only you know about, you can get more bang for the buck by converting to another format.
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