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by Andrew » 2015-04-25 20:28

I am looking for SEO tips that can help me in getting indexed on the web. Anyone can help me with that?
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by Shawn » 2015-04-26 6:07

• Research what keywords people are using in terms of product or service. Google AdWords has a tool that can help you with this. You may be surprised to find that the words you think your main keywords have alternates who actually have a higher traffic.
• Try to focus on every page of your website on the topic. Then you will be able to write content that focuses on a single keyword or keyword phrase.
• Give each page a unique title and description, which is found in the data Meta. Try to use keywords in each page.
• Try to use keywords in the name of the corresponding image.
• Place important keywords towards the top of each page. Do not try to just repeat the keyword again and again in an attempt to obtain higher rankings, as this can actually hurt your rankings with Google and make your writing look unnatural.
• Increase your links, both to and from your website. Google sees the link as an important factor in ranking. Exchanging links with other relevant sites and submit your website to directories such as When linking to your site, try to use keywords as links. For example, instead of linking the words "click here for help search engine optimization", you can say "get help with search engine optimization".
• Keep track of your ranking. You can always go back and increase the page rank is not high.
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by Cosmo » 2015-04-26 20:22

Add your site with unique content on a regular basis to get indexed faster. Because the more fresh content on your site to add more search engines will be happy to visit your site.

You can go to a social bookmarking to get indexed faster. You can also submit your site to Google webmaster tool crawl the site below.
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by Leland » 2015-04-27 8:07

To index your site, put first, unique descriptive title, a description on the website, using the meta tag and header tags. and most importantly add a unique and quality content on a site with a keyword density is less for the use of methods of LSI. add a sitemap on the server for fast indexing websites.

Use social bookmarking sites to index web pages also build quality back-links.
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