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What Is The Keyword Strategy For New Website?

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by Jeffery » 2016-02-18 13:23

What should be the keyword strategy at the beginning of new website.
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by Russell » 2016-02-18 22:27

First to know more about your theme and then research something about compititors so that you will get some ideas on keywords

You can then use tools to get keyword lists like Google adword and Google's search suggestion tool.

Don't mix up your keywords only one target two keywords per page
Each page should be 450-500 words of content rich with 2-3% keyword density.
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by Eugene » 2016-02-19 8:16

We always use traditional algorithms for choosing keywords)
1. make a wide range of keywords (using help from others, try to tink as your visitors)
2. make a list through Google adwords
3. prove competetiveness and keyword popularity
4. Select the end keyword list
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by Nicolas » 2016-02-19 18:35

I always start with a list of keywords from the web site friends/family/other and then build the WordTracker on my own, I will then also see Google Adwords before I finish my keyword that will be used per page

Have a list of good solid keywords will also help determine how many pages You are going to write

Take a look at competitors, too, what they are writing about
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by Rolando » 2016-02-20 1:43

Good search volume and less competition is always desirable but I'd like suggestions for choosing a keyword phrase while you choose your keywords. because sometimes matching the keywords that have so much search volume but not always going to be useful.
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