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Why I have slipped off Google Places?

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by Vernon » 2016-02-17 12:06

I hope you guys can help, when I seem to have fallen from the Google Places. Again!

I still rank on the first page of Google for the most part I keyword-Bristol driving school, driving school Bristol, Bristol, driving instructors driving lessons etc.

So please can someone explain why I've been slipping from Google Places?

Google has their alogorithams??
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by Toby » 2016-02-17 22:08

Think about your page like you would think about their own web site ... make sure that a complete and "Link to"
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by Klein » 2016-02-18 12:45

That's what happens with too, the last two days I was checking my website rankings, it was ranked # 3 but now it doesn't show anything.

Google keyword rankings have all been dropped. I have checked the website and Google webmaster tools for this, but there is no fault in any way.

Please someone tell me why this is happening to me.
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by Carlton » 2016-02-19 15:43

Google Places is influenced mainly by three factors:

(1) your location
(2) ratings, organic)
(3) Your popularity among customers in your area compare with your competitors as measured by Google customer reviews.

The location, by most experts estimate, accounted for 50-75% of the score. Google measures the location of what they call the "centroid" which is Google's estimated physical location for the center of your city. For example, I know of a dentist's Office in Northern Virginia. He is # 1 in Google Places for capital, even though he doesn't even have a web site! The reason? He has less than 100 from what Google considers the city centre. Talk about being in the right place! Clearly, these factors will not change almost not at all, unless you move to a different location.

Check your organic rankings. If they don't change, then you need not worry about this either.

Leaf (3), the ranking of Google users. Check to see if your user rating has been falling behind your competition ranking users. If they had, who could drop you list.

Obviously, because Google is currently going through an update, it may affect the place as well. But after that, he lay down, look at the three factors above to find out what's going on with your site.
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