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by Marco » 2015-12-16 10:17

Looking to achieve a niche in an area where competition is very strong. I already have a main site, but being disqualified by a competitor because of your keyword in the domain name and SEO page.

Now I bought 4-5 with the same keywords, it is best to create 1 site and create re-directs to the main site or create a Web site for each of these domains.
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by Robert » 2015-12-16 21:37

The best thing is to focus on making the page a strong individual based around a longtail keywords. If you focus on the keywords longtail, you can receive a high ranking for your page because the large amount of organic traffic.
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by Brandon » 2015-12-17 8:41

OP, I honestly did heavy reading matter from many sites and many SEO 'goroo' opinion. Best bet for row hard should have contained only personalized to each of the counties of cities. Not only to make a page on Seattle but the counties as well as target. Pump spam and correct citation NAP through the internet. There are tools as well as hunters NAP in chrome. This jackup your announcement of parasite and show on top. Because if there are listing shown on the top SERP, your best bet is the rank of those instead of your own site's drive.
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by Herman » 2015-12-18 17:43

For local, I will make you strong primary site and using other domains to this PBN. Then navigate all values ​​lower link you build / buy for your PBN and higher value you link to your main website. Then remove your domain competitors benefit by using the same keywords on the road 1-3 on your main page. Make sure the page is robust, both on page and off. Since the low competition this should work fairly quickly (assuming the quality of PBN and inbounds).

A quick note on this PBN. Do not just host them on different C-class IP, host them with a different hosting company and the domain is registered through a different registrar. Use of different platforms, themes and plugins. Do not cross them or use the link on the affiliate ID is identified. Your goal is to make them look unassociated with one another to avoid the footprints ... and C-Class IP is just one of many footprints.
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