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Does Google Ads Help SEO?

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by Matt » 2015-11-24 10:24

If people find that websites that have Google ads, most likely to be given a better rating by the Search engines and, given that Yahoo Google & has combined their resources to deliver better results, also has given preference to forums and web sites that display their advertising or sponsorship?
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by Adrian » 2015-11-24 21:37

There is no chance to improve ranking website in this way.
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by Julio » 2015-11-25 11:15

I've been running Google ads (both CPM and CPC) and engage in other forms of exposure the link-building and the site.

Google ads are good to get visitors, but you have to watch the bounce rate, and the rate of new visitors (you can use Google Analytics). I found that when I started running Google ads, I rank on Google is starting to rise. This could be a coincidence, but I have very little exposure to other sites at the moment I'm running Google ads. I noticed that I had more search results when I searched for the name of my site, which seems to be advertising embedded in other sites page appears in the search engines as well.

I found the best way of improving organic search results submit to hundreds of directories. I know that Google says that the directory is not too important, but my site has a Pagerank of 0 for two years, and the main keyword search results placed my site around # 20-30. After submitting to directories, Pagerank I rose to 2, and the main keyword searches go to # 8-10.
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by Hubert » 2015-11-26 2:35

I think its not improve the ranking of any keyword....Search engine not consider Add effective for SERP.
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