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Help needed for my Fan Page

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by Andrew » 2016-02-21 12:55


I have a fan page with more than 10k Likes and growing every day. This page in the dating niche (On Site). I want to give a free giveaway for fans to build a mailing list. The problem I'm having now is that I lost the ebook content, I have to give it to them. I do not want to use any other content that has been circulated but something unique and will be beneficial to the fans. Very, need some help here.

If I take a step further, I might want to create your own product in the niche that sells well and would greatly appreciate any ideas for a niche product content. Thank you!
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by Shawn » 2016-02-22 0:43

Your best bet is to study what's hot in the market and research the answer and then write a word document and save it as a pdf. Theres your own one of a kind ebook! Easily create cover yourself or outsource it!

You can private message me the link and let me see and maybe I would be interested in creating and setting up something for you! Free of course. Go ahead and send me the link so I can see the page. We'll do something ...
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by Cosmo » 2016-02-22 22:08

looking around and seeing what other people give away your niche.

depending on what product you want to make to sell, it would be much easier if a free giveaway can set the desire for the product you paid.

I think the easy way to go is a compilation giveaway dating tips.
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by Leland » 2016-02-23 15:53

Get that FAST list building. If you are desperate for a freebie to give, grab some PLR in the next 30 minutes and can only be performed. You want that kind of traffic finds its way into the list.
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by Patrick » 2016-02-24 14:41

Another alternative is to run a post promoted to the page and ask them what they would want. Of course some requests will be unworkable, but it can give you some ideas.
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