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What is the difference between Freebie List vs Buyer List?

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by Herman » 2016-02-04 8:17

How much of a difference is a freebie list compared to a buyer list? In terms of value?
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by Garry » 2016-02-04 23:10

Night and day.

I would say 99% + on your list of tire kickers, time wasters, freebie seekers.

1% is a serious buyer.

I prefer to have a list of 200 high networth buyer / investor of 100,000 typical "work from home, biz opp. Hunter." (The pitts to sell something to.)

Now I can understand why some people are classed as always. They learn what the mass retail market is really like.
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by Craig » 2016-02-05 14:13

So much different it's not even funny. I have a small list of buyers that is worth ten times the monthly free then I list ten times larger.

Certainly build a list of buyers
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by Norman » 2016-02-06 2:53

List of buyers is more valuable than a list of freebie.

This is because people on the list of buyers you have to purchase products or products recommended. Some people who have purchased from you may be buying again and become regulars because they know, like and trust you.

People on the freebie list are generally just looking for free information - but some may be buyers in the future.

It is always a good idea to have your buyers on a separate list. People on the list of buyers you are more likely to buy goods at higher prices than say a list of people who have not bought anything from you yet.
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by Frederick » 2016-02-06 22:09

The only real difference is that the freebie seekers are afraid to make a purchase at this time while the buyer is more straight forward.
The two "list" are PEOPLE.
They deserve the same to you.
The approach is the same.
Provide valuable, useful and useful information for the second and you`ll make a profit from both.
Everyone is a freebie seekers at first and then they see something that makes them feel that they can do it as easily as marketers claim.
No else.
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by Hector » 2016-02-07 8:03

List freebie is not a bad thing to have, as long as you can move them together with gateway products. low barriers to entry, very reasonable, all while still providing free content they seek. Each bid must be seen as a worthy upgrade to the info you send.
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