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How about hiring a ghost writer

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by Patrick » 2016-01-02 8:49

Hey everybody! I'm new here. I came across this forum when I was looking for info on hiring ghost writers, but I can not find this thread more. I want to hire a couple of ghost writers to write novels for me. For those who have experience with Ghost writers, what kind of expectations that have in advance when hiring someone? I must have a contract? Where the terms are very important to have in advance? With these works is payment made more often once the finished work is received or in installments? Thanks in advance and I hope I'm posting this in the right place.
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by Gilbert » 2016-01-02 22:43

I have used ghostwriters for non-fiction books, especially those sourced from sites outsource / freelance as elance and oDesk. My advice is ...

1. If you can, break your project into sections, chapters, pieces in which you can outsource a portion of your project first to get a feel for the writer (also often less expensive as well than have the entire book ghostwritten) - It may be easier to do for non-fiction than fiction though

2. Look for the reputation score, reviews and ask for samples (minimum of 3 - the more the better) to make sure you give the best shot at dealing with someone who has a reputation and to get a sense if their style to meet your expectations

3. It will usually require some payment in advance - I never would give full payment - hold as much as you can I recently negotiated a deal in three pieces with three milestones and payments are spread evenly throughout the three milestones that works well ,

4. Yes - has a contract that is very basic, I would like to have an outline, #pages, format, milestones / deadlines, font size / margin (so they do not give anything by a large margin and font to achieve their page number), each additional expected as illustration, graphic, cover, etc ... and a statement of your list as the owner of an exclusive right and whatever you can imagine that it might be important to you.
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by Randy » 2016-01-03 3:16

To take a step further, I suggest having a prospective authors do a very short piece for you that are completely unrelated to your novel. Say very short stories, fiction, based on the topic of your choice.
May cost only a few dollars but it's a very small investment to determine the quality and deliverability of the author. Because of this 'test' the project is not just about writing, it was about to follow the schedule and complete the work on time.
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by Warren » 2016-01-03 18:41

I think that it is better to hire someone to write nonfiction. Fiction is completely different, however. Fiction writers need to develop the following to be successful, and a lot of success built on a plot, characterization and style. It is very difficult to achieve if you use a different writer, especially if they come from a different culture.
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by Marco » 2016-01-04 18:50

I used to use elance for many years. Fiverr is now King. I can't believe there is a Queen. In fact, there are many ghost writers on FIVERR and we should make a list and post it. Look for busy people with several shows in the queue.
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