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by Earnest » 2016-01-21 10:17

In January I finally got my website up and running. This website is for training dogs and I make individual training videos available for streaming once purchased. I think if people still buy books copy dog ​​training hard physically, they will buy the video which can be accessed directly.

Obviously there are other dog training videos out there, and even free, but my selling point is that I am training techniques can be done without equipment, there is no clickers, training collars, etc. and you can really start to get the results the same day.

I have invested in SEO or other marketing because frankly I can not afford it, and as of now I have not really make money. I post on my Facebook page that encourages 400 likes, but any post usually only be seen by as 15 people.

My question is whether you think my model is good and I just need to invest in marketing real? Another idea I think is to make free video and try to just sell ads on my site. I have a video on YouTube that shows the end result of the command, not sure if I have to put them somewhere on my site?
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by Wesley » 2016-01-22 11:52

It was a nice looking site. Very professional searchers.
Besides the fact that you have taken on a highly competitive niche main problem I see is that it is not immediately clear what the visitor is supposed to do once they get to your site.
Sign up for newsletter?
Buying a product?
Fill out a survey? and others
You need a clear call to action. Visitors to the site have a very short attention span and if they do not know what you want them to DO in the first few seconds they will just go away.
The video also looks very nice but again it is not clear what the next step after watching it should be.
Try editing the video so that it is placed in the A-I-D-A format.
Action - to get their attention immediately with a bold title (or the opening statement) for example. "let me show you how to improve your dog's behavior problems in just 10 minutes a day without using equipment even if nothing else has worked in the past". - Not the best example but hopefully you get the idea.
Goals - leaving the market common problems you are having so that they know you're talking to them
Desire - go into a little more detail about the problem (s) and introduce your training as a solution
Action - the most important part. Tell them to DO something - click below to buy just me now or sign up for my newsletter or whatever you want them to do. But you have to tell them to do something.
Hope that helps a little bit and the best of luck
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by Dave » 2016-01-23 15:23

Traffic is the name of the game when it comes to online sales. You must have a significant amount of traffic for you to catch a good lead. With your USP, you can sell anywhere in the world since you are selling videos. But here are a few things I think you should do:
1. Build Online image
- Your idea of ​​a new smart enough and thus require more exposure and information. You can write a blog (I recommend having a separate blog that discusses the benefits Training Video, the ease of use, etc.) and put linkbacks targeted to your site, FB page, etc. This will establish your identity as an online Dog Trainer. Be someone in authority so that when they need the same services as yours, you will be the first to dirt on their heads.
2. Write content Quality Onsite
- You must engage your visitors not only to visit but to stay and read your content. If they find your content interesting, you can get the most organic stocks and SEO every online marketers are craving for! Always remember that in order to build the trust of your customers and share teaching is one good way to sell.
3. Be more personal
- Directing the campaign in a way that is more personal. THAT IS. if someone send an inquiry, make sure to get back to him within 24 hours and always overcome them on their first names. Remember that the sweetest sound in the ears of someone's name. Make it like you're not just here to sell but to help.
If there's anything I can help either, just give me a message. I would be more than willing to help you.
Hope this helps!
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by Lewis » 2016-01-24 14:34

Good job to get your site up!

Have you considered building a dog lover / community coach? Forum where people can share ideas as soldiers can be very powerful.

You can offer your video on some sort of membership model in which they get access to all of your video and the public for a monthly fee.

You could offer some free as a teaser and then level them.
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