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Questions about sales/ squeeze page ..

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by Eliasl » 2016-01-10 10:25

I posted this in the wrong thread by mistake I put in the PPC thread... Anyways
So I have a site about flipping websites. It can't be used for anything else really because if the name. I bought it with intentions in building a sales page and squeeze page for flipping sites.
Let's call it
I am a bit confused on what way to set it up and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on "my plan" <will be the main sales page>
.... Will contain up sells , downsells, OTos etc
But I also wanted to get emails from the same catagory (I'll promote the link differently)
So I want to set up a squeeze for a free report on
With the opt in they get report, email tips, and the sale pitches of the relating products I have (on the .com)
Does this sound right? Or should it be reversed? And the squeeze be in the .com and the sales page at like
Feedback is appreciated. And that will be all that is going on this domain (sales page , OTOs, and squeeze page)
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by Arturo » 2016-01-11 11:28

Well you say it can not be used for anything but flip but if you include sub niche. It can be used for consultation on flipping, a book about flipping etc.

Now for the rest of your question.
Most of my sites are set with the main page in the public_html folder root. So is the sales page index.
Then all my squeeze page is usually in the folder one of there own.
This way I keep all separate products.

I also use a folder for all the separate parts.
So squeeze page one etc. and it is a separate wp site.

Download I go another server domain with locking system to protect it.
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by Terry » 2016-01-12 14:12

Main folder should be the sales page
squeeze page should be any folder you want

The reason you should do this is because if they later decide to get your product in the future (as a returning visitor) its easier to remember the .com. And it requires less actions to buy if they are considering your product.
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by Boyd » 2016-01-13 14:45

Hey Eric,
I will use the .com to the main page. You will want to test different squeeze pages, landing pages, different campaigns, etc. You want your main site to be the anchor. Are all promotions and testing behind the scenes.
Of course you will want to split-test sales page as well.
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