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How to use Paypal with recurring payments

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by Hector » 2016-01-06 8:38

Hi everyone

I am setting up a website, people will pay for the service. It will be different according to the currently available but not experience with PayPal so I'm just looking for some feedback from people. I've read about it on its Web site, but conflicting with their own information, and in some cases.

First of all, MySQL/PHP I use PayPal so there can be defined, the way links and let me know when payment?

Second-is there a way for me to change a user's price? if this is the case, you can give them to verify it, before it happens?

Finally-do I have to submit to PayPal fees listing? can achieve such automation, but I'm curious about it. I do not want to store credit card data on my website, so I wanted to submit a list of ID or PayPal users have signed up, and the price charged.

I don't know how any of it works. Also PayPal a better alternative to what do I do? I know there are a lot of options, but with the most popular PP, I think it is a great place to start.

Thanks a lot!!
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by Elias » 2016-01-07 16:31

I do not use PayPal payments regularly, but I use memberful and recurly where more digital content/subscription service is installed, although you can change API to do more and authorize.NET is another option.
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by Johnmicheal » 2016-01-08 10:21

PayPal express payment is "pretty" friendly programmer. I used it in the past for several projects, tuition payments. Locate a wrapper for php on PayPal.
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by Carlos » 2016-01-09 17:17

For periodical payments there are mostly two BUT you can use:
- Subscriptions, as the name suggests, you have an agreement (the end user) on a periodic billing (eg $ 10 per month). the end user will be billed automatically
- Transaction Reference, end users agree that you can repeatedly fill his account. ie it's your responsibility to fill the end-user accounts. using RT require approval by PayPal
Note: The second payment can be canceled by the end user at any time.
PS. do not register a developer account, it makes testing your code as possible.
PPS. PayPal business account would not be too bad either.
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