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Email Marketing Top 10 Tips For 2016

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by Leland » 2016-01-03 11:12

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing segments, which you must use to build your list of customers, subscribers or followers and if you haven't been working on it, then you should be. How things have been going with will use mobile email (and I) will be the King of all market trends. Let ´ s face it, with the unprecedented growth in mobile usage, email is the only thing that everyone checks in a low daily. Just take a look at the latest statistics:

45% of emails opened occurred on mobile on the desktop of 36% and 19% in a webmail client. -Teaches "Top 10 email clients" (March 2015)

33% of emails are opened in a mobile application, 17% in a webmail client and 48% on the desktop. -Freshmail "best practices for email coding" (may 2015)

53% of total emails opened occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014. This represents an increase of 48% per 100 seen in 2014 Q2. -Experian "reference e-mail quarterly report" (Q3 2014)

Not only companies and online marketers are beginning to understand the importance of customer commitment through support and care. Much has changed over the years and repeat buyers are the key to any company's growth and email is still the best way to do this. There's nothing more that can be done by email than any other form of marketing, and then give you the top 10 email marketing tips, so you can stay ahead of the game and grow your list to 2016.

1) excitability
Make it easy for customers or visitors to join your mailing list. If you don t ´ make it easy to join, your list will be small and decrease your sales. Try having a sign over your newsletter subscription or above the fold, and if don ´ t you know what that means is when a visitor needs to scroll down it would be below the fold.

2) let them
Let them know that they will be receiving by email before they sign up. In this way, they know exactly what they have and why they need to open your email. Give them the highlights of why they want to open your emails too. This helps them know what kind of information they can expect from you.

3) create an App.
If you don t ´ has an App, then you need a. This is one of my best tips and for good reason. With push notification, easy for us and rising mobile really need to start an App and have downloaded App on every email you send.

You want to make sure that your contacts will see everything you're putting out there and a good way is for Apps. An application can send a notification to everyone who has their app and let them know immediately that you posted something new, in addition to make it really easy for them to revisit your site or warn them of a big sale or product release. Do you know what a push notification? Let me show you.

This will increase the amount of views or your new messages and you get taller as well so be sure to create an App and add it to each email.

4) incentives
Give incentives such as a free eBook, tips, free product trial or something of new visitors who come to your site for them to join your newsletter. This we help you grow your list fast and provide something of value to your new Subscriber. Example: you can offer a free eBook or course

Mobile 5) Friendly
As I have stated above, mobile is growing and growing very fast, so make sure your emails are friendly mobile. If they can ´ t read it, then you just lose them and that is the one thing you don't want to. Places like offers great email campaign services and e-mail from Temple are responsive and mobile friendly so check them out if you haven't done it yet. If you are working with an email campaign service make sure that there are email responsive temple you are working the is also good.

6) add polls
Adding polls to your emails will help with to engage with your readers. This will also get your readers to visit your site again and help with your ranking. This is also a great way to see who is going to open your emails, and who is not, what items pull more interests, and more.

7) add video
Try adding a video to your email as much as you can. Love videos of people and it will help with the driving traffic to your site as well. People are lazy by nature and may not have the time or desire to read, but will watch a video, if it is there. This also helps with putting the human element in your email too. If your readers see you add videos to your emails, they are more likely to open more emails from you.

According to Forbes Insight, which is the percentage of senior executives who'd rather watch a video than reading text. About 65% of those who visit the vendor's website, look for 50% and 45% for more information on vista a click through a video report that contacted a seller after seeing an ad for online video. Approximately of 50% of the people who viewed an online video marketing went on to make a purchase for your business.

In 2010, an e-mail from Implix research marketing found that including a video in an introductory email increased click-through rate of 96%. That's almost twice as many people clicking through to your site when you include a video in your marketing e-mails.

8) Don t ´ fire hose them
Don t ´ send all at once to your new subscribers and don ´ t trying to sell everything you have in a week. This will only disturb your new Subscriber and they will never open any of your emails. The best practice is to maybe 2 emails per week and only with updates or new posts.

9) give them just enough
Don ´ t give the whole story in the mail, give the reader enough to where they want to read the rest of the story by visiting your website or blog. This will get them to continue visiting and also help with the ranking. The point with any email marketing is to get them to your website or blog, if you're giving them everything that you have on your email does not have reason to revisit your site again.

10) social sharing
This is a great, always add your social platforms in your emails! Social sharing is increasing by as much as 34% annually and still climbing, if you are not giving any opportunity for your readers to follow him, then that can hurt you. Adding social platforms to your emails, readers can then follow and retweet or share a post I just did, and that's a big help with rankings. I am surprised when I see emails from large companies and they don t add ´ there social platforms, and if I like what I read, and I'd like to see if they have posted more on your Facebook or tweeter? I wouldn't be able to, since they never added them.

End note
Email marketing is very important for any company or merchant, then you really need to make sure that you get the most you can. You can do more with e-mail marketing and then you think and I just gave you 10 of my tips. If you think by adding a newsletter and sending meaningless content will help then don ´ t waste your time. I guarantee that if you put at the right time, an effort in your email campaigns So your RIVER will increase and will grow your email list. Your contacts are the key to your business to take care of them.

I hope this helps
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by AlieeBlack » 2016-01-04 14:43

Thanks for sharing! Now I have a lot of useful tips in one place and I'm happy that with Blackhatplus platform I am able to create good looking and interesting emails.
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by JamesTorres » 2016-01-05 17:47

Yeah, I want to say, can't be better. So unique idea. Like you post, hope to see more.
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