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Which Keyword Research Tools Is Your Favorite?

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by Lewis » 2015-04-01 10:44

Be a small business owner, we like quality of the high volume of traffic flow, which is why we always need to do keyword research in advance to set up our online marketing activity.
Can you tell me your favorite keyword research tools? why?
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by Berry » 2015-04-02 15:34

I use Google Adwords. It is authentic and direct from Google.
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by Seth » 2015-04-03 13:11

I also agree with you both that tool is the best tool to find and research new keywords. This tool is very easy to use and provide better results in less time slots with many other optional keywords that help you to choose better keywords related to your website.
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by Orlando » 2015-04-04 4:56

My favorite keyword tools, Google, clicking on it are not just free. It is also about the detailed information it offers, makes it the best. It figures to support its analysis results, which makes it very suitable for me.
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by Eliasl » 2015-04-06 3:16

It will work well.
Just get a good AdWords account, go to the keyword tool, install Microsoft Excel, and start doing your research.
Tools can be misleading sometimes, that from experience.
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