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What is the most important element in terms of local rankin

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by LucyRepresentative » 2015-10-25 10:30

What is the most important element in terms of local rankin
I will try to learn more about local ranking. Studied more about local ranking. But not clear fully. Please tell your opinion about local ranking and share your experience.
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by Egbert » 2015-10-26 10:18

I think nowadays Google suggest to do SEO for your nearest location. Pushing up in the line among the big brand competitors cannot be done in a day or month.

Local business listings, local directories and classified websites helps to reach the potential local customers easily. When you are locally brand then the website will be shared and viewed by thousands of people automatically.

Listing on Bing and Google places is also important in local ranking. Adding the websites in local business portals helps to increase the Google business places rankings.
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by Ferdinand » 2015-10-27 16:30

In my experience, from the handful of local site's I've ranked, you basically roll your face over the keyboard a few times, then make sure the business name and physical address are next to each other on the page. Make sure the business is listed in appropriate local business directories (you would be surprised.)

If there's actual competition, you do outreach campaigns to local bloggers (the ones who talk about the location.)

Any real SEO who has trouble with local SEO sucks. Bad. Period
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