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Dealing With Many Similar Websites

by Berry » 2016-02-15 8:19

Hello! I'm very new to programming and web development. Lately, I've been doing maintenance on the Internet for a friend, who owns 100+ domain names with all the sites Deputy very similar to them. That's when asks me to, for example, fix grammatical error, the error exits 100+ times, and I have to fix, FTP, and download files, similar 100+ times. After doing this about three times, and spent about 20 hours, I said to myself, and I'm sure the last person in this world has a similar set up, and maybe they have some solutions that fancy repetitive work hours. So I tried Google, but all I can find is the location of maintenance companies.

I already wrote a C ++ program to do a search and replace work for me, I think I can stretch to do the things FTP as well. If anyone has any experience in a situation like this, or could point me in the right direction, and it would be very appreciated.
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by Earnest » 2016-02-15 22:30

And it would be strange to have 100 sites with the same content. Type of business Seo language?

As it is - to convert them all to the "Content Management System" multiple locations will transfer data to a database, and if all keyed off the same data, and then it will be faster reform.
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by Gilbert » 2016-02-16 11:34

Because it is not suspicious SEO practices.
The problem is that each site, while having the same version, will have different names in the text. For example, Las Vegas site to say the use and say "Welcome to the Las Vegas services." Even the sites are mostly the same.
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by Randy » 2016-02-17 1:23

If the templates for all sites are basically the same, and I would like to just put up a single server, and all areas indicate there. Then I fill in the template on which the domain name was used for this application, in the same way that websites load different languages at the site on the basis of language.

Even if there were some differences in the models for some areas, it will not be difficult to shift from the template files on the basis of the domain either.
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