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by Norman » 2016-02-13 8:19

One of my friends published a financial newsletter, predicting the stock and the option to play for a large customer base. He has worked for major publishers for over 20 years but is now breaking out on his own.

I will handle its internet marketing seo ..... ..... list building etc ..... but he has a professional web developer to build the new site.

He knows how he wants the site to look and basic functionality, but wondered what questions she should ask before choosing a company to do the job.

Just curious if anyone out there has had or heard a horror story or two about web design company may be able to share some of your knowledge and show the questions that must be done before giving someone a job to help avoid problems down the road.

questions such as ownership rights after the site is designed ...... its ability to add new content to the site without having to pay an arm and a leg every time he so and pretty much anything else one can think off his ## to keep a closed before signing contract with someone.

All your answers would be appreciated.
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by Norman » 2016-02-13 22:40

I have a horror story.

Had a "professional" build my website, Paid around 12,000.00 and after about 2 months of post religion in our blog and do a large amount of posting articles, wheel links, forums, a mix of regular, we found to our amazement, the blog was not even connected to our actual website.

How to protect yourself is the real moral of our story. As essentially scarring as this sounds, you need to get as much on paper as you can, before they start to build your web site, then getting a third party to see if they have it right.

Its a scary situation to be in, when your business is in the hands of others. Check and check and check again that I can say.
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by Hector » 2016-02-14 14:53

The following tips will be very helpful to your friends include:
1. Does the website designing companies offer support after the development of the website after
2. Does he (and his team) can manage the website (Does the website need to be a tech person to manage)
3. Will mobile friendly website (alternatively, the mobile application can be built)
4. What kind of hosting that will be used for web sites (Let your friends learn more about Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server and make their own decisions)
5. In the property, the owner must have a full license. If you are looking for a domain name in, the information should be seen and not information from the developer. From my country, the developer wants to add credit and a link back to their website after a copyright notice in the footer of the website, but an agreement with the owner of the website.
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by Elias » 2016-02-15 2:12

I lost a couple of thousand on the site, most likely from you will get ripped off of it you do to get what you pay I think if you are just going to go out and hire some company you do not know.
Best is to use a company that others have used that you know and trust and have a good relationship with.
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by Johnmicheal » 2016-02-15 22:48

I was a web developer, full time IM now, but they are not all bad. Get some examples of the work they have done and try to contact them to ask for their experiences. Ask some of them. If potential developers will not give examples and then walk away, if they are not 100% proud of their work then they are not good.
Also some things to consider when getting a site built
2. Strict delivery date
3. Make sure they have a testing team
4. Have a CMS to cut costs in the future
5. If you are going to try to organic search traffic then SEO BUILD WITH IN MIND. There are major differences to build a site with SEO in mind and build a site that looks pretty (this also applies to the big difference between this and the sites that convert)
6. MOST IMPORTANT acquire companies that have marketing people as part of the team because they will know the BEST WAY to make it visible.
At the end of the day sites are there to make your MONEY so you need the input of professional marketers.
There are many more things I could go on but a Friday night and I was half-cut.
I hope this helps.
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