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How to Follow the Latest Technologies for Web Dev?

by Anthony » 2016-02-10 18:23

I still consider myself new to programming and especially web development. I learned what I could, and I would say I'm at a medium level. Definitely not an expert, but not a beginner. That said though I feel I have a good base I know some things I have learned is probably outdated or no longer the best option. So the question for web devs more experienced is how you keep and learn more about the different things that you can use in developing web applications?
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by Francis » 2016-02-11 2:25

Well, have a look at the other sites and ask yourself "How is it built?" when you see something cool. Which usually refers to you as a new technology and then you can try to create what you see. Just explore and play with things. Tinker. You will be amazed at how many new things you learn when you are experimenting and messing around. Sure you may not complete the project, and I have hundreds of non-completed project, but you stick with things as they come out.

But do remember that you do not have to learn anything new out there. I have seen hot technology come and go in a matter of a few months and if I have wasted time to learn it then I would be just a waste of time. I see this with JS framework for example. There are hundreds of JS framework / library and half of them will go no where.

Stick with the technology that has a lot of technology and buzz, play around with it and learn how to do new things and you'll have no trouble keeping up.
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by August » 2016-02-12 14:16

I follow RSS feed of technology (I would share them but it's in French) and when I have more time I read the forum: now and then you realize many people are talking about something that you do not use. That's a sign you may be missing something.

I would not have heard of Node.js or docker just by looking at the website, and without meaning to brag, I could not think of anything I can not do (apart from matters of advanced WebGL possible): when you have a language proramming in your hand and features such as DOM, canvas, etc. you can do anything. There is not much improvement in webdesign technological level, it's all about workflow and this is not always show in the end result.
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